Survery of Literary Criticism

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The last day, yeah! and boo-hoo.....

Today's class was the last one of the semester. No more 8:00 literary criticism for us. I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in! But I actually enjoyed this class, even though it was so early. And it's certainly been interesting, as Dr. Sexson pointed out. Especially lately.

I was very happy to see Cindy in class this morning. I respect Zach for making his statement to the class and taking for responsibility, not hiding behind anyone else. Personally, I didn't ever think to take it out on Dr. Sexson - we're all adults and should be able to take credit or criticism for our own actions. Dr. Sexson is like the sales-person who bears the brunt of a customer's anger or joy - he didn't really make the garment, he just passes it on from the maker to the taker. So it is with literary criticism, past critics have given their opinions and Dr. Sexson delivers them to us.

But enough with the analogy (probably the only one I've had all semester!). At the end of any text there should be credits rolled. The following are mine:

I'd like to thank Dr. Sexson for a great class. I certainly learned more than I probably wanted to - a feat that doesn't happen in every university class, even though it should. Previous to this semester, I told people that I was thinking of getting an English minor, but I felt like a fraud because I didn't really KNOW about the major authors, works, movements, etc. Now I feel much better equipped to discuss literature because I have a solid background in some of the staple critics and authors. Thank you for your dedication to teaching, learning, and sharing. I wish you the best in coming years, Dr. Sexson.

Big compliments go out to my classmates. Your thirst for knowledge and insatiable questions enhanced the material and the presentations. Everyone seemed to put lots of effort into the assignments, at least superficially (but that's all that matters, right JR?). I admire every one of you, especially the people that I know are not comfortable with public speaking. You all brought something to share with our class, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Huge thank yous for my group - the amazing, outstanding Group 3! Brian, Nikole, Danny, and Lisa - I never dreamed that I would like group work! But you guys made it fun, funny, productive, and easy. If it's true that a group is only as good as its individuals - I'm sorry I weighed y'all down! Thanks and good luck in the future!

The authors that we studied also deserve a thank you, even if they can't hear it. What better legacy could a person leave than educational material for the next generations? I hope that those deceased are looking at us from the after life and realize the importance of their contributions. Whether I agree with each of them or not, they all believed in themselves and their work, which is admirable to me.

I'd also like to thank the academy, and my parents, and my fans.............and anyone who's still reading! Ta ta for now!!