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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Holidays and memories

This weekend I spent my Thanksgiving here in Bozeman. Normally I would go home, to my house near Plevna, for the holiday. But this year I have an especially busy class schedule, so I went home last weekend to see my youngest brother play his last junior high basketball game. As a consequence, I determined to remain in Bozeman and do TONS of homework over the break.

Well, I didn't count on being quite so lonely. It's not like I've never spent Thanksgiving away from home before. My junior year of high school I was in Atlanta, Georgia at the National 4-H Congress, which I had won a state award in order to attend, having turkey at Hard Rock Cafe. Last year I was in Australia, traveling throughout Queensland and visitng family friends. Neither of those Thanksgiving were especially rough on me.

This year, I watched each of my four roommates get in her car and drive home, taking the direction I would be taking if I had been going. Then I had our five bedroom house all to myself, which seemed a little excessive and a lot empty. Plus the only thing I had to look forward to was a stack of textbooks and using a lot of pencil lead. So I was pretty bumbed on Wednesday night.

The saving grace was that a friend of mine had also decided to stay in Bozeman, and his parents came to him! So his mom was going to cook Thanksgiving dinner and I was invited. I stipulated that I would only come if I could bring something. So I was assigned the green bean casserole.

Thursday morning I awoke to begin my weekend of being studious. I put some bars in the oven to bake, set out the ingredients for the casserole, and worked on a presentation for an hour or so. Sometime in there, I called home to see how their Thanksgiving was going. I only talked to my mom, since everyone else was out trying to shoot something (and not being successful, as usual!). She was chipper, but it still made me melancholy to talk to her. I said a sad goodbye and made my casserole. At the appointed hour of noon, I headed over to my friend's house.

My intentions were to stay for dinner and to help clean-up. Then I was going to return to my own abode to get more homework done. However, after a delicious meal, they put in my favorite movie ever - "The Man from Snowy River". It's a must-see!! And of course and must have seen it then! So I stayed to watch the movie. Then they decided that as long as they saw the first one, they might as well watch the sequel! Oh heavens! What's a girl to do? Of course I stayed to watch the sequel "Return to Snowy River"- it's almost as good as the original! And somewhere in-between I had another helping of turkey dinner.

So I arrived back at my house at 9 o'clock that night. Well. So much for my goal of ultimate productivity! However, I was very productive the next three days and by the time my roommates arrived back in Bozeman, I was ready for some human company.

To sum up my latest Thanksgiving experience, I would say that being so close, yet so far from home is very tough; friends and their mothers are a must have in life; and some movies you can truly never get enough of. Next year, unless I'm in another country, I'll be heading home for my holidays.


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