Survery of Literary Criticism

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What does that have to do with the 3rd world war?

Today we had group presentations and I must say that they were pretty darn good. However, if you have not been a faithful attender of the class, some of the dialogues may have seemed pretty strange. In fact, I'm sure an outsider would have wondered what any of our presentations had in common with each other and perhaps even themselves. Dr. Sexson has warned us that part of the final will be on the presentation, so here are some notes:

Group 1: Matt, Andrea, Kate, Ed, Zak, Debbie

The scene is Linda Richman's show "Coffee Talk" (she's a zealous fan of most males and Barbara Streisand). She invites 5 critics on to talk about the canon and why Shakespeare's on top. There was plenty of humor - poor 'ol Hugh was a little out-of-century and Thomas got a little too much enjoyment out of tormenting Roland.

Group 2: Lindsee, Amanda, Tristan, Nancy, and Kelly

An angry playwright is trying to reason with the director, Jung, about the content and direction of her play. The play was supposed to be a mystery, but Jung tries to make it into feminism (a woman's part done very well by Tristan!), Medieval, and a drama. Dr. Sexson likened it to "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream".

Group 3: Nikole, Lisa, Brian, Danny, me

The story of a new journalist who must write a review about the "Deja-vu Glitch in the Matrix", this group (an inside source said) had many more laughs practicing than the audience seemed to have. The journalist was visited by Plotinus, Shelley, the next door neighbor, and a cheap Keanu Reeves impersonator (that one's for you, Danny!). Eventually, after a plethora of references to class discussions, the journalists determines that really all critics work together.


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