Survery of Literary Criticism

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Game Show channel, a cave scene, and a courtroom

What do the presentation from today have in common? They were just as good and just as varied as the ones from Tuesday. Poor Jamie and JR sure got left out of the whole group atmosphere, but that didn't stop them any. Here are some notes for the questions on the final about the group presentations:

Group 4 - Jennifer, Becky, Ray, Opai, Sarah, Cindy

The scene is Judge Jenny's courtroom where various literary critics are on trial for various crimes. After some amusing testimonies, Judge Jenny declares that all literary critics are crazy. She wields a scary wooden spoon!

Group 5 - Ben, Fancoise, Brian, Mandy, Susan, Yoshie, Megan

This group even spent time outside of class to film their skits! They did Survivor, Battle of the Sexes, and the Dating Game, broken up with commercials for the bookstore. Their themes were Pop Culture, Freud, Romantics, and Gender Issues. And they provided breakfast!

Group 6 - JR and Jamie

In a cave-like setting, JR revealed that his favorite book is Catcher in the Rye and his favorite song is "Give me Shelter" by the Rolling Stones. Jamie diclosed that her favorite book is Crime and Punishment and her favorite poem is a sonnet by Michael Drayden. Their presentation was a good example of Reader Response, as they described how each of them reacted to their chosen texts.

Dr. Sexson wrapped up with pointing out how history suggests that our society will always move toward judgements and making up a canon.


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